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Our Pilot Episode

Be'er Sheva Episode (Pilot)

What is "12 Cities in Israel"?

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12 Cities in Israel

What is 12 Cities in Israel?

We want people to travel to Israel, so we decided to do a VLOG and a travel show to let people see the food, the fun and the people of Israel. Through our VLOG, we hope to give you the best information and travel tips, so that your stay in Israel is the most memorable and wonderful trip ever. So, sit back, enjoy & check it out! 

What is the VLOG?


The "12 Cities in Israel VLOG is a weekly offering on out YouTube channel that gives tips and helpful information for travelers to Israel. We cover everything from figuring out the train system to using your cellphone while you're in Israel. We've done all the footwork, so that your trip to Israel can be as worry free as possible.

What is the Show?


 The "12 Cities in Israel" travel show is a dynamic look at twelve beautifuls cities in Israel. These cities are: Akko, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Be'er Sheva, Eilat, Haifa, Hezliya, Jerusalem, Netanya, Tiberias, Tel Aviv and Yaffo. We will be showing their food, their fun and their culture. Top all this off with some amazing insights from the wonderful people who live there and you have an in-depth view of an Israel you never knew existed.



Our First Press Release!


12 Cities in Israel: The Only Travel Show Dedicated to Israel

6/22/17 New York, NY

# For Immediate Release #

New York, NY/Be’er Sheva, Israel (June 22, 2017) This summer, Michael Sahno’s Magnustor Entertainment production company is coming to Israel to film the pilot for his travel show “12 Cities in Israel”. Promising to be unique in its genre, “12 Cities in Israel” will be the first travel show to showcase what Israel has to offer the potential traveler. Their exciting formula for this will be to highlight the Food, the Culture (Local Music & Art) and the Fun that can be found throughout the country.

The brainchild of Michael Sahno, “12 Cities in Israel” is the result of what he saw as a deficiency in the positive image for Israel in the world community. In August of 2016 he attended an Ulpan (Intensive Hebrew) program at Ben Gurion University of the Negev and had the opportunity to immerse himself in the culture and life of Southern Israel. This was an experience that had changed Michael forever and he made it his mission to show the world the Israel that he had seen and experienced, an Israel full of vibrancy and life.

From here, Michael worked tirelessly to create this vision. That vision is a fourteen episode, forty-five-minute length travel show formatted for television. Inspired by the Static & Ben El Tavori hit in Israel “Kvish Hachof” (Coastal Road) he decided to take the cities from the song (Haifa, Netanya, Herzliya and Tel Aviv), include them with cities he knew (Be’er Sheva and Jerusalem) and wrap them up with cities that he had always wanted to visit (Ashkelon, Ashdod, Akko, Safed and Eilat) to create an inside look at an Israel that the world has never seen.

This August (2017), the show will use Be’er Sheva as its hub of operations, where they will film that city’s episode in its entirety. From there they will branch off to Eilat, Ashkelon, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to film individual segments for inclusion on their website (www.12citiesinisrael.com). The schedule for release of full content on the site is December 2017, but a running account, including a blog, a vlog and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram updates will begin at the end of July (2017).

While an ambitious plan for Michael Sahno who is both the Host and the show’s Executive Producer, part of his strategy for bringing his creation to life is a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign which started on June 15th, 2017. Its goal is $10,000 and is being personally matched by Michael, both monetarily and through his unwavering efforts at completing the tasks required to produce a quality television product. Interestingly, as part of its marketing campaign “12 Cities in Israel” has decided to reward its supporters who participate in the Kickstarter fundraising drive with items carrying the “12 Cities in Israel” logo (lanyards, t-shirts, travel mugs), along with various credits that will appear in the show.

For more information, please contact Michael Sahno directly at michael@12citiesinisrael.com.

To visit “12 Cities in Israel’s” Kickstarter campaign, please visit: "12 Cities in Israel" Kickstarter Campaign         


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Michael Sahno / Host – Executive Producer / 845-616-8842 / michael@12citiesinisrael.com         


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